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About Your Child Care Program

1. Which of the following describes your type of early childhood program? 
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Child Care Center

Family Child Care Home


1a. Is your child care program licensed to provide care to infants? *



2. What type of child care is offered at your program?



Both full- and half day

3. Enter the total number of children enrolled in your program. *

Enter the number of children by age enrolled in your program.

0-23 months  

24-35 months

3-5 years

School age children (either in before and/or after school program or summer program) 

5. Does your program participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)? *

Don't know


Yes   Go to 5a.


If participating in CACFP, then do you participate:

Through a sponsoring agency (e.g. Family Service, Provider’s Network, Midwest Child Care Association, Child Nutrition Services, Panhandle Family Daycare, etc.)

Through a state sponsorship (e.g. Nebraska Department of Education/Nutrition Services)

Other (please specify) -

Not applicable

6. What percentage of the total cost for all meals and snacks served by your program is reimbursed by CACFP?  (Mark Only One)

Not applicable


Less than 50%

50 to 59%

60 to 69%

70 to 79%

80 to 89%

90 to 99%


7. What additional sources of money or in-kind support are currently used to cover the cost of meals and snacks that are served by your program? (Mark all that apply)

Money from Head Start program budget

Money from fundraising events

Money or food from a school or school district

Money or food from faith-based organizations

Money or food from local businesses

Food from food pantries or food banks

Food from parents

Other (please specify)

8. Which statement best describes who provides meals for your program? (Mark only one)

Cooks who are hired directly by our program

The food service program of a school, school district or school food authority

A food service company

Other (please specify)

I am a family child care home provider and I cook the meals for my child care.


9. Which meals and snacks are provided? (Mark at least one answer per line) *


Not provided

Usually provided by childcare setting

Usually brought from home by parents

a. Breakfast

b. Lunch

c. Dinner

d. Mid-morning snack

e. Mid-afternoon snack

f. Evening snack

g. Beverages (milk, juice, other drinks)
10. Does your child care program participate in Nebraska Step Up to Quality? *



Don't Know/Not Sure

11. Does your child care program accept child care subsidy? *



Don't Know/Not Sure